Meatball Madness: Five Manhattan Spots, Flickr: dpstylesDo you like meatballs smothered in sauce? Stuffed in a pita? Lined up in a hero/hoagie/grinder? Whatever your preferred form, New York has exactly what you’re looking for. Meatballs are a big business right now, and there are plenty of Italian restaurants with great balls, not to mention a few boutique shops that specialize in them.

What are your options? Let’s take a look:

Meatball Obsession: Recently opened, Meatball Obsession did a great job of building hype for its launch. But, the reality fell a little short. The meatballs, served in a bowl and intended to be eaten while you walk, are a bit messy for that style of eating, and they could stand to be spiced up a bit. That said, if you’re in the mood for a ball, this small shop will take care of you.

The Meatball Shop: There are three locations in New York, and they attract a crowd. The Meatball Shop offers an extensive menu, including a variety of meats (beef, pork, chicken, vegetable and a chef’s special), several sauces (e.g., tomato, mushroom and pesto) and a number of formats, such as sliders, heroes and just balls. The sauces were interesting, but the meatballs were a little bland. If you’re in London, Giant Robot is the closest equivalent.

Craftbar: Hit Craftbar for an up-market twist on the meatball. The veal ricotta meatballs are sauced sparingly to make sure you taste the meat. Of course, you’ll pay a bit for them, but that’s the nature of a unique, luxury experience.

The Little Owl: Have you ever had a gravy meatball slider? The Little Owl is where you’ll find them! Head to this restaurant in the Village for one of the most unusual meatballs you’ll ever experience. Open your mind – and your mouth – wide.

Pomodoro Rosso: The meatballs are only available on Monday night, and they go quickly. I’ve even seen people show up early in the evening and “reserve” meatballs to be held for later. Yes, it’s that insane … and the meatballs at Pomodoro Rosso are that good. My advice is to get to Pomodoro at around 6:30 for dinner and put your order in ASAP! Also, occasionally, the restaurant will make sausage meatballs filled with mozzarella – there’s nothing like it.

Check out these places the next time you’ve got a flight to New York.

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photo: dpstyles

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