Life Imitating Art in This Case

News emerged Wednesday that a Polish man by the name of Robery Wladyslaw Parzelski spent 18 straight days at Sao Paulo International Airport in Brazil.

The 44-year-old man, unable to speak Portuguese, could not communicate with anyone once his London flight landed.

He even was dubbed ‘The German’ from airport staff.

Why was he stuck? He traveled without a return flight and no money. Parzelski survived off the food, cigarettes and vodka the airport staff provided him.

Reportedly he was waiting for a friend that never showed up.

Unlike the Tom Hanks movie, The Terminal, which dealt with a similar situation, things were not happy go-lucky.  The Polish man was hungry and unable keep up with hygiene or change clothes.

Parzelski was ordered to leave Brazil Tuesday.


Source: Daily Telegraph

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