Rock Diaz in his phony army fatigues


A man who allegedly posed as a United States soldier in order to receive First Class treatment on a recent American Airlines flight was busted after he landed at New York’s JFK Airport.


Rock Diaz, a 22-year-old male from Long Island, New York, was sporting camouflage fatigues, dog tags, and a military-style haircut when he was given a free upgrade to First Class by the airline’s cabin crew, a practice sometimes granted to US military personnel.


Diaz was busted upon landing, however, when a keen-eyed JFK customs agent became suspicious of his uniform.


Diaz, who speaks Spanish, told airport officials that he didn’t ask for an upgrade and that any confusion was based on a language barrier. He is being charged with second-degree impersonation.


Source: FOX News Latino

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  1. Cheryl

    You knew enough English to purchase a ticket and understood enough to know you got moved to first class, you also know enough to say; me army? NO! Shame on you for taking something you did not earn.


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