Make a Banner with New Airport Vending Machine,Flickr: Joa Maximo

Welcome to Amsterdam!

Greeting a loved one at the airport is something everyone looks forward to at this time of year. Making a banner, however, is one of those things we always mean to do but never have the time. Luckily, things just got a little easier.

At Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, visitors have welcomed a new vending machine that can print out a huge, personalised banner in a matter of minutes.

Select your own font, background and design for no more than €15 and stand out from the crowd as you gather round the arrivals barrier. Though you might find other great places to get engaged, why not ask for your lover’s hand in marriage and make a ‘Will you marry me?’ banner while you wait for them to land.

BannerXpress, the company who’ve pioneered this invention have high hopes, “We hope to have them in other airports, but also in stadiums for sporting and music events.” said co-founder Thibaud Bruna.

So while we wait for more international coverage of what’s sure to be the next big thing, why not call up your Dutch friends, book cheap flights to Amsterdam, and hope they make use of this great new invention.

Source: Reuters

Photo: Joao Maximo

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