Germany travelers are suffering from a serious case of the Mondays. More than 4,000 pilots have gone on strike causing hundreds of planes to be grounded and putting the the travel plans of roughly 10,000 customers in disarray.


The walkout was done in protest to pilot’s unhappiness with lack of job security. While Europe’s largest airline stated it had canceled some domestic flights, many are still on schedule for Monday.


The same goes for international hauls, as destinations like Newark, Chicago and Dallas were unaffected, but New York City and Denver were axed from today’s schedule.


A Lufthansa representative said that 800 of the typical 1,800 daily flights were canceled.


Update (5pm EST): After a two-hour long hearing today in Frankfurt, Germany, Lufthansa pilots have agreed to suspend their strike at midnight and resume talks. If nothing can be worked out, the next scheduled start date for a strike would be on March 9.


Source: Associated Press

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