Lufthansa offer top notch animal service


Lufthansa, Germany’s number one airline, is going to the dogs (and other furry creatures as well) with the introduction of the Animal Lounge at Frankfurt Airport.


Over 15,000 animals fly with Lufthansa each year, so the airline wants to give back a little to each and every dog, cat, horse, pig, bear and any other animal that has been 35,000 feet in the air with the carrier.


So what does your pooch or kitty get when they have a layover of two hours or more at Frankfurt Airport? Some features include veterinarian service,  42 large animal stalls, 39 small animal stalls, and 18 climatic chambers for sensitive birds, exotic animals, reptiles and insects.


Although the lounge is operated by Lufthansa, any animal from other airlines can stop through and enjoy the experience.  So take the stress out of travel for pets by pampering them with a little first class service.

Source: Lufthansa




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