Lufthansa is kicking off 2011 with some major revamps to many of their planes as 180 aircraft will receive brand new seats. Roughly 32,000 seats will be installed onboard the German carrier's short- and medium-haul fleet over the next year. 

According to a Lufthansa representative, the new seats will provide improved passenger comfort and an all around improved travel experience. The seats are designed to add not only comfort, but space, as the slim backrests will offer customers an extra two inches of legroom.  

The seats design also means Lufthansa will be able to add two extra rows on each plane, which means about 2,000 additional seats will be available.

Lufthansa is also offering up goodies again on Economy Class, including domestic routes, such as German chocolate and muesli bars.

Lufthansa is investing an estimated $225 million USD (170 million Euros) into the upgrades as part of improving the in-flight experience with the German airline. 

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