Gray Powell, the Apple engineer who lost the prototype of the iPhone 4G in a Redwood, California beer garden, is now being offered a free tip to drink even more beer in Munich, Germany by Lufthansa Airlines.


The forgetful Powell said that he placed the iPhone on a stool at a bar and walked off leaving it behind. Some cynics at first thought that it was just an Apple publicity stunt, but Powell swears that the snafu is legit.


Lufthansa sent a letter (scroll down to read it) to Mr. Powell offering him business-class seats to Munich, Germany and the opportunity to down some brew at the airline's new Bavarian Beer Garden Business Lounge. 


So what ever happened to the lost iPhone? The person that came across it attempted to contact Apple, but was unable to get a response. So they then decided to shop it around to some media outlets, with tech website Gizmodo paying $5,000 for the phone.


If Powell were to accept the deal, it would be a great public relations move by the German carrier, especially since they asked him to respond to the offer via Twitter. 



Lufthansa letter sent to Apple engineer Gary Powell





Source and image of letter: Gawker

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