Lufthansa A380
Lufthansa unveils summer schedule and A380 plans


German airline Lufthansa announced this week that it plans to announce very soon the sixth destination that will service the A380 superjumbo jet sometime later this year.


In a press release, Lufthansa stated: "A sixth destination, which has yet to be
announced, will be included in the A380 schedule by the middle of the


The announcement was made while Lufthansa revealed new destinations and flights for their summer schedule. Lufthansa is going to offer four new destinations and seven new routes. Plus certain existing routes will see flight frequency and the airline will add newer planes to their fleet.


Lufthansa has done a good job at keeping the sixth destination a secret. The airline already flies the A380 to Beijing, New York, Tokyo and Johannesburg. Starting May 10th, San Francisco will become the fifth destination to receive the enormous aircraft.


This summer Lufthansa will debut new flights to four popular holiday destinations; Antalya, Ibiza (from Munich), Palermo (from Frankfurt and
Munich) and Trondheim (from Frankfurt).  The airline will increase the amount of flights to a plethora of European locales as well as introducing seven new routes.


Commenting on the summer schedule, Thierry Antinori, Chief
Marketing Officer on the Lufthansa German Airlines Board said, "With Lufthansa,
holiday travellers enjoy a full service and travel comfort, and thanks
to the convenient departure and arrival times of flights at weekends,
they can relax right from the word go."


Lufthansa is upgrading their planes with larger, more fuel efficient aircrafts. By the end of the summer the airline plans to have eight A380s in the sky. 


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