Travelers usually opt for an all-inclusive stay because of the unlimited food and alcohol offered; meaning you don’t have to open your wallet from the second you arrive to the moment you leave the resort. All-inclusive resorts aren’t all the same though, some are specifically for certain age groups and what’s included will vary. There are couple resorts, adults-only resorts (usually 18+), kid-friendly resorts, and resorts where there’s something for all ages.

With so many places to go, how does one choose? We’re here to break down the questions to ask yourself and what to remember when you’re locking-in your resort reservations.

Who Are You Traveling With?

Traveling with children? Seniors? A couple? Age matters! As previously mentioned, there are all-inclusive resorts that are kid-friendly, while others are strictly couples or adults only. Depending on who you’re traveling with is how you will be able to determine your perfect vacation. If you’re traveling with a family of five with three young children, be sure to check with your resort to make sure you can all stay in one room, if not, inquire about reserving a suite room to stay together. Most resorts (whether they’re cheap all-inclusive resorts or not) charge per person and will only allow up to four in a standard-sized room.

If you’re traveling with an older crowd, you’re probably not going to want to be surrounded by young families with rowdy children. A resort that’s couples only or adult only would be the best option for you to stay at.

Prefer to be surrounded by happy families with young kids? Do some research on the resort you’d like to stay at to be sure they offer exactly what you’re looking for (restaurants, bars, entertainment, etc.).

What Activities Are You Looking to Do?

Kids snorkeling

Spas, golf courses, beaches galore…the choices are endless. Each traveler probably has their own ideas on what to do on a vacation. Our advice is to gather a list of activities that you and your group would like to do and search for all-inclusive resorts based on that. Not every activity or excursion will always be included with your stay, but if you grab the lowest airfare to your destination splurging on some fun may be worth it! Things that usually aren’t included are golfing, sometimes snorkeling, and almost always the spa, look for a resort that offers discounted rates, includes the things you’re interested in doing with your stay, or is reasonable in price.

Do You Prefer Fine Dining or Casual Bites & Booze?

From pool-side drinks to dinners and late-night bars; if top-shelf liquor is all you drink asking your resort if that’s included with your reservation should be a no-brainer. Some all-inclusive stays will offer only house liquor because guests pay a flat fee for unlimited everything.

Depending on how much you’re willing to dish out will reflect the quality of the resort you’re going to. Higher priced resorts should offer finer dining and top-shelf everything. But this isn’t always the case. Do your research and read reviews before you come to a final decision on where you’re staying.

To Party or Not to Party–That Is the Question…

friends drinking wine

Imagine arriving at your resort to learn that the bars close early and there is no night time entertainment. Bummer. To avoid a letdown, double-check that your all-inclusive vacation includes some sort of nightlife scene or entertainment. And if you’re the opposite of the life of the party, look into the nightlife scene (if any) to see if the resort is too young or rowdy for your liking.

 Have any other tips on how to choose the perfect all-inclusive resort? Tell us in the comments below! 

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