Sen. Charles Schumer has lent his voice to Long Island’s MacArthur Airport’s Fight in becoming JetBlue’s new Northeast destination.

Schumer was quoted in the CBS report saying he thinks the Long Island airport has a good shot at getting selected.

The airport is said to be competing with two other out-of-state airports.

All of the hoopla is for JetBlue’s Northeast expansion plan, which is set for 2013.

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  1. Elysia

    The last thing Long Island needs is more air traffic flying over residential neighborhoods. Is MacArthur Airport going to share their increased revenue with the homeowners that will have huge jets barreling over their backyards? Probably not. The neighborhoods affected by the additional air traffic should get up and yell about this now… because once all those planes are roaring overhead, nobody will be able to hear them.


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