Lonely Planet provides travelers with free iPhone guides


For a limited time only, Lonely Planet is offering travelers 13 of its city guides at the wonderful price of free! Travelers can pick these up in the App. Store.


The guides normally cost between $10 and $15, but because so many travelers have found themselves stranded after Iceland’s volcano, Lonely Planet is offering their guides free, and hoping that they provide some peace of mind to those stranded.


“Travelers stuck in unfamiliar places need access to practical information as well as suggestions on what to do while stranded,” said Tom Hall, the Travel Editor of Lonely Planet.


The cities included in the free guides are” Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Budapest, Copenhagen, Istanbul, London, Moscow, Munich, Paris, Rome, Stockholm, and Vienna.


Guides are only free of charge until April 22nd. So get out to an App Store today!



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