A penguin at the London Zoo (CC Flickr photo credit: Nigel Swales)
London Zoo is home to the UK’s largest penguin pool


Workers at London Zoo are currently conducting their yearly “stocktake,” an annual census of the creatures and critters that roam its grounds.


According to a report from the Press Association, the zoo counted 18,499 animals last year and expects to add to that total this go-round. The zoo welcomed two female lion cubs and a pair of ginger-haired Francois langur monkeys in 2012.


The sanctuary is home to 752 species and every one will be counted over the next few days. Armed with clipboards, zookeepers will roam the zoo’s 36 acres, leaving no paw, claw, or tail uncounted.


The London Zoo is located in Regent’s Park and is the oldest scientific zoo in the UK. It welcomes about 2 million visitors arriving on flights to London each year.


CC Flickr photo credit: Nigel Swales


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