London vs. New York 2012, Flickr: malias

A Winter Morning in London 

They might be entirely different, but these twin metropolises are the world’s most well known siblings. Against five categories, see which city best suits your kind of vacation. So if you’re having trouble planning a 2012 vacation, look no further.

Culture & Landmarks: Both New York and London are cultural epicentres with outstanding cultural exhibitions and stunning landmarks. For art, the cities are well matched; NYC might boast the MoMA but in London you’ll find the Tate Modern. The Empire State does have the Metropolitan Museum of Art, but this is the city’s only major free entry gallery. In London, almost every art gallery is free, most certainly giving it an edge to budget conscious travelers. London does, however, have it’s own Queen and is soon to host the 2012 Olympic Games. It must also be acknowledges that with cheap flights to Barcelona or Berlin or a train ride to Paris, within only two hours from London you’ll be in an entirely new country.

Transport: Getting around cities can be expensive, but at least both New York and London have comprehensive transport networks that will easily get you from A to B. Buy a six-day London Pass online for only £95, it will give you free entry to nearly every paid attraction and seven days worth of transport. The card will work on the London Underground as well as the city’s impressive red London bus service. In NYC, top up your swipe card as you go and make use of the city’s quite complex network. If you don’t fancy ending up in The Bronx, make sure to check if your train is Local or Express. Both cities show off their trademarks taxis: the black and yellow cabs.

Weather: Expect milder winters in London, but heavy snow in New York. In spring and autumn, the cities remain sunny and mild. For a summer vacation, you’ll be using the AC like crazy with a trip to the scorching hot Concrete Jungle. Sun yourself in Central Park or take a daytrip to a Long Island beach. In London, summer is pretty much non-existent, so make sure to pack sweaters and coats and don’t expect to get a tan.

Cost: Though both London and New York have a reputation of being expensive, in the world’s biggest cities you can always find a bargain. Save big when you book cheap flights and hotel stays with CheapOair. Book in advance to get affordable hotel prices and look out online for featured package discounts. With regards to food, in NYC you get bang for your buck with larger portions of fantastic food. In London, things might not be so affordable, but with some great independent London restaurants in the East End you’ll find something to fit your budget.

Nightlife: Perhaps due to the rather gray weather, Londoners feel the need to party hard. You’ll have a great night out in Soho, Shoreditch and Camden where you’ll find impressive drinks deals in pubs, clubs and bars. New York City nightlife is equally impressive, boasting 24-hour restaurants and an unmatched selection of swanky rooftop bars like the Standard Hotel’s Boom Boom Room or dodgy dive bars in the Lower East Side.

Photo: malias

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  1. Tasos

    Interesting comparative analysis. I’ve been to New York in few occasions and I loved the city. Rich history, easy to identify with memorable city sights, fun and amusing people from all around the world. I might go to London Olympics next year and hope to get to know and familiarize with British capitol.


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