Strike possible underneath London


Strike news hits London again, except this time instead of it being in the air it is below ground. That's because union members representing London's underground transportation, also known as the Tube, told the media Wednesday that members are fed up over proposed layoffs.


If the strikes were to occur it could mean transportation disruptions for millions of commuters. Roughly half of the 9,000 members of the National Uinion of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers (RMT) participated in the ballot, with 76 percent voting for a strike. Workers argue that cuts will affect safety to passengers.


The last strike to hit the London Tube was back in June 2009. Union members are hoping to avoid such drastic measures, but will walk if a compromise is not met. 


In a statement, Bob Crows, general secretary of the RMT said: "We
will now use this mandate for action to build up a campaign of
industrial, political and public pressure to block the all-out assault
on Tube jobs and safety."


London Undergound, which is the Tube's operator, said no safety standards would be compromised by their planned cuts of roughly 800 workers and stated the union is just scaring the public to get their demands. 


Most of the pink slips will be handed out to ticket agents. The firm said most people now use electronic ticketing cards like Oyster, so less ticket agents are needed now and will be moved to different positions like helping passengers at stations.



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