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Fireworks at the London Eye (CC Flickr photo credit: flyingsuitcase)
Fireworks at the London Eye


People all over the world seem to be in the mood to celebrate this New Year’s Eve. We told you yesterday about record crowds expected in Las Vegas over the weekend.


Today, London officials said they expect up to 250,000 revelers to turn out for a fireworks display along the River Thames. For those boarding New Year’s flights to London, the focal point of the celebration will take place near the London Eye with spillover crowds gathering in Trafalgar Square.


As in past years, Transport for London has announced free public transport between 11:45 PM New Year’s Eve and 4:30 AM New Year’s Day to reduce congestion and cut down wait times for Tube rides.


Ahead of the celebration, officials are urging people to expect crowds, drink responsibly, and dress warmly. Sound advice for us all.


Source: The Guardian

CC Flickr photo credit: flyingsuitcase

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