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Sandals Montego Bay


When one thinks of Montego Bay, the association of drinks and beaches are intuitive, but the destination is not to be overlooked in the realm of top spa treatments. We’ve written about several aspects of Montego Bay before, from its golf courses to how to travel safely in the city.

For further reasons to book flights to Montego Bay, take a look at some of the unusual spa treatments you can find there:

Hilton Rose Hall Resort & Spa: From the expected soothing body massages to relaxing treatments, you can find your inner nirvana in this spa. A popular and locale-inspired treatment to try is the Jamaican Paradise treatment which includes a Plantation Tropical Body Scrub (with your choice of Jamaica “Mon” Coffee or White Witch Sugar flavors).

Sandals Montego Bay: At the Red Lane Spa, guests enjoy Caribbean flair with treatments like the Caribbean Sea Wrap which includes nourishing botanicals; and a Lively Up Coffee Wrap that uses stimulating green coffee beans grown high on Jamaica’s hillside.

Sunset Beach Resort: The Lime Away Spa believes in seaside massages and aromatherapy treatments, as well as locale inspired treatments. Try the Blue Mountain coffee-ground body scrub or the very popular Reggae Retreat package that includes a mani, pedi and a 30-minute massage.

Half Moon Fern Tree Spa:
The Fern Rock Resorts Spa at Half Moon Resort is inspired by Jamaica’s traditions. If you’re adventurous, try the unique Hot and Cold Island Stone Massage, the Jamaican Post Sun Treatment, or the Fern Tree Signature Body Treatment for locally inspired flavor.


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