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With the summer season upon us, now is the perfect time to get ready for a little fun in the sun. But, if you’re tired of the same old summer spots, maybe it’s time to shake things up a little bit and check out lesser known beach destinations instead. Below you’ll find nine spots that have sat under the radar with the general public for too long. Until now, that is!

Westpunt Beach, Curaçao

When most travelers venture to the island of Curaçao, they tend to stay in the popular city of Willemstad. Now while the city is full of outstanding architecture, beautiful 4-star hotels, and endless places to dine, it’s slowly becoming super touristy and pretty crowded too. Fortunately, just a short drive away on the westernmost tip of Curaçao, you’ll find the lesser known and quieter city of Westpunt. Here you will find quieter beaches with pristine white sand and turquoise blue waters as well as cheaper dining options and more affordable accommodations!

Saint Jean-de-Luz, France

This beautiful fishing port is one of the last stops in France before reaching the Spain border. While it is a thriving and cosmopolitan city that most Europeans are somewhat familiar with, it’s still practically unknown to American travelers. The quiet beachfront offers outstanding surfing opportunities with its killer waves. No worries if you did not pack your surfboard, as the town has surf shops which offer rentals and classes for those looking to hang ten. With its multicultural charm and welcoming beach, it’s no wonder why Saint Jean-de-Luz is nicknamed “the jewel in the Basque Country.”

Kaihalulu Beach, Hawaii

Situated on the far side of Maui’s Hana Bay on the east coast of Hawaii, Kaihalulu Beach might be a bit out of the way, but well worth the journey.  The red sandy beach is a product of the cinder cone that surrounds the cove. The water can be rough at times, so it is advised that only expert swimmers go out for a dip. Since this beach is so secluded from the typical tourists crowds, it is not uncommon to see many people here stripping down to their birthday suits and fully taking in the lush scenery.

Majahuitas Cove, Mexico

Just a 20-minute boat ride from the popular city of Puerto Vallarta is the palm tree filled beach of Majahuitas Cove. Located at the southern tip of Banderas Bay, this location is ideal for day trippers looking to escape the crowds. The beach offers great water sports like kayaking and scuba diving as well as a plethora of wildlife from exotic birds to various species of reptiles. Be sure to visit between Thanksgiving and Easter when the sea is full of turtles, dolphins and whales!

Enderts Beach, California

This little known California beach has much to offer any traveler in search of something utterly special. Huge evergreen trees reach for the sky next to tidal marshes that are filled with life. This is one beach for those in search of seclusion and a chance to bond with the natural world. If you’re looking for amazing views, you’ll definitely want to hike up the Enderts Beach Trail. The trail ends in a dramatic 500 feet cliff with sweeping views of the region that stretch for miles. Peace is yours to savor as this one gets very few visitors. That makes it the perfect getaway on a weekend with friends and family. It’s an easy day trip from many parts of the community.

Glen Arbor, Michigan

Lake Michigan is where you’ll find this very delightful beach. It’s a good place to appreciate not only during the summer but also the rest of the year. During the warmer months, dip your toe in the waters and let the cool lake wash over your feet. When the weather turns cooler, this is another place to be for outdoor enjoyment. Get on the ice and go fishing for local species and then go ice skating or skiing Boating is easy here when the hot weather hits and so is kayaking. Glen Arbor is also the ideal place to take in the changing leaves from the local trees.

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Pink Beach, Komodo, Indonesia

Just as you might expect, Pink Beach is actually quite pink. The bright pink that gives this one its moniker is named for the gloriously pretty pink sands that make this one a must for so many travelers. It’s one of only seven known pink sand beaches in the entire world. The soft, inviting sands are part of a national park in Komodo Island, Indonesia. As such, it is easily accessible to a wide range of travelers. Relax on the romantic shores. When you’re done, it’s time to hit the waters. They’re teeming with incredible marine wildlife a short distance away. Bring your snorkeling gear and have a look at the world that awaits.

Furore, Italy

Italy should be on your lifetime bucket list. That’s because Italy is chock full of all the things you really want to do in life. If you’re someone who likes beaches, Italy is ready and waiting for you. One of the most enjoyable of all Italian beaches is Furore. This is where to go if you want to meet the locals. They know this is the beach that is well worth your valuable time. Located on Amalfi Coast, this beach is right for those who are not afraid to travel slightly off the beaten path. Unlike some other options, this one is really little more than a beach surrounded by cliffs. You won’t find lots of shops. You will find fantastic views and warm waters.

Sandbridge Beach, Virginia

Virginia is known for having miles of coastline with easy access for visitors who love the Atlantic. While Virginia Beach tends to get the lion’s share of attention when people think about the area, Sandbridge Beach should also be on your radar when it comes to book cheap flights in August for a memorable summer getaway. This beach is about getting away from crowds and exploring the wonders of nature on your own. Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge is right here with memorable opportunities to spot many regional species from the water. Take a kayak and get to know the local coast from a few feet above the coast. Dry land is equally inviting. Bring a bike to get around more quickly!

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