Not many are taking advantage of Wi-Fi on planes


With more and more airlines introducing Wi-Fi to their fleet, you would think more and more people would be connected in the air. Think again. According to a USA Today report, less than 10 percent of passengers capable of using wireless internet when 35, 000 feet in the air do so. The biggest reason for not taking advantage of the new technology? The price. 


Consultant Michael Planey says carriers need to low the price of Wi-Fi if they expect to see those numbers increase.  Currently Gogo, the largest airline WiFi service provider, charges passengers $4.95 to $12.95 per flight to use the internet on their smart phones and laptops. Business travelers and frequent fliers can take advantage of a $34.95 monthly pass, but even that is still costly according to critics.


Airlines say they are happy with the response to Wi-Fi in the sky, but analysts feel that with less than 10 percent of customers using the service, is nothing to be ecstatic over. Planey believes by lowering the price it will increase usage of the service and in the end make more money for the airlines.


Source: USA Today

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