Alaska Airlines to Get Revamped Terminal 6 at LAX

 Alaska Airlines to Get Revamped Terminal at LAX

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) and Alaska Airlines agreed to a $271-million terminal renovation deal Monday.

The agreement is for the renovation of Terminal 6, which will entail bigger boarding areas, a new lounge for passengers and a more effective baggage check-in.

Alaska Airlines and LAX will be creating 700 jobs due to the new contract agreement.

The airline will be putting up $18.6 million for the project, while the operator of LAX, Los Angeles World Airports, will be adding $156.6 million for financing and $95.9 million in cash, fees and reimbursements for the federal Transportation Security Administration.

Passengers should receive a more contemporary ticketing lobby, with easier-to-use kiosks and an entire new baggage inspection system, which will implemented to eliminate lines.

The contract between the two sides must be approved by the L.A. City Council before they can proceed.

In a related note, Alaska Airlines has agreed to a 10-year lease on the terminal.


Source: LA Times

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