Times Square in New York, New York



Authorities have arrested a suspect linked to the Times Square bomb scare. The FBI is investigating a Connecticut apartment this morning, searching for clues in what is believed to be the home of the suspect.


The investigation continues to be aggressive, as authorities picked up Faisal Shahzad-a naturalized U.S. citizen- at New York’s JFK Airport late Monday night. Shahzad was getting ready to leave the United States.


Shahzad is 30-years old, and originally from Pakistan. He recently returned from a 5-month trip to the country. He was tracked through a disposable cell phone used to buy the vehicle packed with explosives.


He’s being accused of buying the Nissan Pathfinder three weeks ago and filling it with propane tanks, gas cans, and potent fireworks before driving it into the center of NYC.


FBI agents are communicating with state authorities in New York as well as in Connecticut to gather more evidence. Officials state they are still working on leads and suggest that the public should remain watchful.


Whether or not there are more suspects is not clear, nor is the motive. Shahzad will face charges in New York Federal court today.


Source: News 12

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