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Taking advantage of some last minute flight deals for the holiday break is a great way to get away with the whole family before school gets back in session! Not only can a quick escape help ease the pain of adjusting to the daily rigors of an early start, tight schedule and demands of homework, but a family trip is also a fun way to bond and make memories to last throughout the rest of your children’s academic year.

Here’s a look at 4 short-stay vacation ideas that you and your family can take last minute over the upcoming holidays.

Book a Beach Break

No major revelation here! But that’s because everybody knows a beach break is an ideal getaway for most families. Whether your children are about to start their first day of kindergarten or they’re moving out to commence their first semester of college, a few days at the beach can offer the opportunity to pause and rewind a little before the growing up process rolls on. No matter if it’s a resort in Cancun or a campsite on the dunes of an Oregon beach, the seaside is a fine place for all ages play and only a few last minute flights deals away!

Have a Scream at a Theme Park

Get all the thrills and chills out of your kids’ system before they have to go back to keeping still and attentive at a desk revert to using their “inside voices” with a visit to a theme park. The experience could provide some good talking points for conversations with their fellow students too. Such an experience could have you coming out looking like a champ, as well, which might come in handy when you have to clamp down and be the enforcer later in the school year. A few days of roller coaster action in Anaheim or Orlando – or wherever your kid’s fave theme park may be – might be just the right ticket for some holiday family fun.

Go ahead, book that family getaway already! Get your cheap last minute flight deals right here.

Make Time for Museums

Kick start your kid’s sense of wonder with some trips to some museums. Odds are there are plenty of great cultural institutions within a short drive of your home. But for total awe and an awe-inspiring time consider a trip to Washington D.C. and see how much of the Smithsonian museums you can cover or one to New York for a multi-stop tour along Manhattan’s Museum Mile.

Book a Literary Holiday

Does your child have a favorite author or genre of literature? Did they have to read a required reading list for the break? Bolster that interest in literature with a book or author themed visit to somewhere your kids will love or can help them get a head start with their studies. Book a last minute flight deal to London for the Harry Potter fan in your family,where there actually is a Platform 9 ¾ at King’s Cross Station (just a short stroll away from the British Library) or maybe opt for a leisurely trip to Hannibal, Missouri where you can stroll down the streets of Mark Twain’s childhood and ride a riverboat down the mighty Mississippi River just like Tom Sawyer in Huckleberry Finn!

How about you and your family? What’s the best way to share downtime before school starts back up?
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