“What happens here, stays here”


“What happens here, stays here.” Whether you love it or hate it, the catchphrase made famous by the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority has undoubtedly woven itself into the American lexicon.


In a few short years, the slogan has made its way from a couple of Sin City commercial spots into TV shows, Hollywood movies, and Friday night conversations with that one annoying friend of yours.


On Tuesday, the iconic slogan was inducted into the Madison Avenue Advertising Walk of Fame, the advertising world’s version of Hollywood and Vine in New York City.


Las Vegas tourism officials are beaming about the recognition, saying it speaks to the iconic nature of the advertising campaign.


After being hit hard by the global recession in 2008, Sin City tourism has been on a recent hot streak, with the number of visitors arriving on flights to Las Vegas increasing for 17 straight months.


Source: Las Vegas Review Journal

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