NBA players will soon descend on Las Vegas to form a Lockout League


Basketball fans boarding flights to Las Vegas this fall could find themselves taking in tons of NBA action despite a league-wide lockout. That’s because Sin City will host a “Lockout League” made up entirely of NBA players starting next week.


The impromptu league will be based out of the Impact Basketball gymnasium, located about two miles from the Vegas Strip. Nearly 40 players have already committed to playing in the league, including superstars Chauncey Billups, John Wall, Zach Randolph and Stephen Jackson. Organizers expect more players to join in the fun by week’s end.


The games will be open to the paying public, with roughly 500 seats available for each exhibition. All proceeds from ticket sales will be donated to charity.


Though the league is scheduled to run for just two weeks initially, play could be extended into October, November, and even December if the NBA lockout is not resolved quickly. The lockout began back on July 1 and both sides seem to anticipate a lengthy negotiating process.


Source: New York Times

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