"Red Rock Canyon Nevada," CC Flickr photo credit: Exothermic
Red Rock Canyon, Nevada


Travelers arriving on flights to Las Vegas can expect to see plenty out of the ordinary: celebrities behaving badly, Elvis officiating weddings, blue haired ladies playing the slots at 4 A.M., etc. Now get ready to add one more to the list: 190 million-year-old dinosaur tracks.


Federal paleontologists announced the discovery of the pre-historic tracks this week at Red Rock Canyon, a major tourist draw just outside of Las Vegas. While the exact location of the tracks has yet to be leaked, officials have confirmed that they are located in an area accessible to the public.


So why weren’t the tracks discovered long ago? There are a few reasons, according to the Los Angeles Times.


First, Nevada isn’t exactly known as a hotbed of dino-discoveries so folks probably weren’t looking very hard. Second, these particular tracks are quite small. They were made by three-toed dinosaurs that probably topped out at 3-feet in length, according to the paper.


CC Flickr photo credit: Exothermic

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