Does this look like the face of a security risk?


Canadian teen sensation Justin Bieber was reprimanded by a Qantas crewmember aboard a Melbourne-bound flight over the weekend, according to Sky News


The 17-year-old superstar and one of his security guards apparently broke rule number one of in-flight etiquette when they stood up during takeoff from Sydney.


A flight attendant reportedly told Bieber that his behavior was a security risk and that he would be treated like a child since he was acting like one.


Bieber is in the midst of his "My World" tour and had performed in Sydney on Thursday and Friday nights. Qantas has not commented on the incident.

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  1. Frances Brooks

    Great going, Qantas! Just becauise he’s sold a few CD’s doesn’t make him special. Apparently, neither he nor his security person has any common sense.


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