Jetlag iPhone Travel App Promises Relief and Rejuvenation, Flickr: Alberto Vaccaro

An iPhone App that Helps with Jetlag


Jet lag can really make you suffer during the first or final stages of an international trip, but now comes an iPhone travel app which promises relief and rejuvenation.

The Jetlag Acupoints iPhone app promises to fight the havoc that multiple time zones can wreak on your body by directing you to hold specific acupoints at designated intervals during your trip and hopefully then recalibrating your internal clock.

“At the beginning of a trip the user sets the Jetlag Acupoints app for the time zone of their destination, chooses the hours they wish to receive alerts, and then simply follows the alerts as they appear every two hours,” says the developer of the app, Soul Lightening International. “There are clear photos for each of the point locations.”

Just sit back on your flight, follow the prompts, hold the acupoints as directed, and you will adjust to your destination time zone – that’s the theory, anyway.

The app sends you alerts every two hours, showing you the acupoints to hold, and you can turn off or on the alerts depending on your sleep or meeting schedule etc.

If you miss an alert or just want more information, the Jetlag Acupoints app enables you to view acupoints to hold at any time, as well.

And, one helpful feature — whether you are concerned about jet lag or not – is that the app activates a clock showing you the correct time at your desired destination.

The app costs $2.99 per download. It works on the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad with iOS 4.0 or later. You can get more information about it on iTunes and

I am by no means guaranteeing that using the app will make you feel ready to run a marathon or plow a corn field upon arrival from your cheap flight.

But, if you’ve suffered with jet lag for several days upon arriving in a far-flung destination or after arriving home, you’ll probably agree that iPhone-enabled acupressure is worth a try.


Photo: Alberto Vaccaro

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