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Slater wants his job at JetBlue back


Despite his dramatic exit down a JetBlue aircraft’s emergency slide, Steven Slater, the JetBlue flight attendant who cursed out a passenger over a plane’s loud speaker, wants his job back. Well, that’s the information Slater’s lawyers gave reporters in New York on Thursday.


“That’s his life,” Slater’s Legal Aid defense attorney, Howard Turman, said. “His father was a pilot; his mother was a flight attendant. That’s in his blood. That’s what he likes to do,” Turman continued as he spoke to the press outside of Slater’s home in Queens, NY.


According to Slater’s attorney, the fleeing flight attendant has hopes of returning to the aviation business. Slater was portrayed as being a hard worker, who would love to continue to work for JetBlue in particular as he’s loved working for the airline.


JetBlue on the other hand, may not take back the gutsy flight attendant after this week’s high-profile incident has placed it dead smack in the middle of dramatic airline news.


READERS: What’s your take on the scandalous, Steven Slater? Should this fleeing flight attendant regain his position with JetBlue? Hero or dope? Tell us what you think!


Source: Associated Press

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