JetBlue Airways JetBlue is skipping the pretty women that normally walk the airplane's aisles with peanuts and club soda for people that excel in emergency situations. That's why  the low-cost carrier is recruiting ex-cops and firefighters according to the Wall Street Journal.


Due to bringing people over from NYPD Blue to JetBlue, the airline is reporting that about 10 percent of their 2,400 crew members have emergency response experience.


In a pre-9/11 world, flight attendants would normally get a captain in case of an emergency. But since that tragic day a lot has changed, including captains now being banned from leaving the cockpit in-flight.


So JetBlue figured why not get some people on board that know what to do under pressure and the company is reportedly loving the results. Since most NYPD and FDNY workers retire at a young age, many are still eager to find part-time or full-time work.  


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