JetBlue pokes
fun at attention focused on Steven Slater

JetBlue pokes fun in blog post


In recent blog posts, JetBlue has poked fun at the mass attention focused on its runaway flight attendant, Steven Slater. The employee of JetBlue, if you weren’t already aware, took over the loud speaker of a plane and cursed out a passenger that had reportedly been rude to him earlier on in the flight.


After Slater was done telling off the passenger, he cracked open a couple of beers and with one in each of his fleeing hands, slid down the planes emergency slide.


“Perhaps you heard a little story about one of our flight attendants?” the airline’s blog joked. JetBlue didn’t share details of Slater’s case, saying it will let “people speak on their own behalf.”


In a blog post titled “Sometimes the weird news is about us,” the airline noted that while it isn’t talking, many have formed opinions on the issue.


Steven Slater is currently suspended pending further investigation. JetBlue’s blog is filled to the rim with comments urging the airline to give Slater his position back.


Source: Associated Press

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