This blog post was updated on November 19, 2018.

Quick tricks from Japan

With some simple tricks from Japan, gift-wrapping doesn’t need to be a chore this year.

Giving a bottle at Christmas is a great way to gift work colleagues, friends or family, and with great duty free prices at the airport or in-flight you won’t need to burn a whole in your pocket.

To add a personal touch to an alcoholic gift, why not follow some quick Japanese wrapping tricks and impress the office this year.

Make sure to look for great deals on duty free items at the airport when taking international flights. Be sure to wrap up your bottles carefully as shown above so as to prevent damage, and make sure you’re following local law on alcohol import.

So sit back and unwind with a complimentary drink next time you take cheap flights abroad.

VideoYouTube – ShihoMasuda

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