Japan Airlines bounces back from bankruptcy Japan Airlines announced Monday that it has pulled itself out of bankruptcy and has completed a restructuring process that included chopping some of its work force and routes. 


But the airline is far from out of the clear and it's return has come at a really tough time for their home country. With Japan being hit by a 8.9 earthquake and a tsunami, then major issues with the Fukushima nuclear power plant, demand to travel to the country has slowed down significantly. JAL will descrease flights further and switch to smaller planes in April until tourism picks back up.  


In a news conference, JAL President Masaru Onishi said, "We cannot be optimistic. Reservations are not growing on the back of
concerns and uncertainty about the nuclear power plants." Onishi added that domestic travel is down 28% and international travel is down 25% since the March 11 disaster. 


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