Colosseum in Rome, Italy


Cash strapped Italy is considering working with sponsors as a way to secure funds that would go toward restoring Rome's historic Colosseum.


Reuters reports that the Italian government is hoping to raise $32 million USD (or 25 million euros) from a combination of private and public funding.


Now before you envision one of the world's most famous structures with a corporate logo dangling above it, sponsors have been told their involvement in the project will come with certain restrictions.


For example, logos can be appear on scaffolding and according to a statement by the culture ministry "compatible with the value and decorum of the Colosseum.


This would not be the first time Italy has looked into sponsorships as a way to save cash when fixing an aging attraction. In 1994, private funds helped with a multi-million dollar restoration of Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel.


Work will begin this October and last for approximately two years. Travelers to the Eternal City will still be able to stop by and check it out while it gets the much needed work done on its crumbling facade. 


Six million people visit the Colosseum each year, making it easily one of the most popular tourist attractions on the planet. 



Source: Reuters 

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