Yes. Yes it is. Here’s why:

Lake Toba, the world’s largest volcanic lake, is aiming to present itself as the “Monaco of Asia.” And it should. This lake is almost like folklore for the adventuring trekker — a secret of sorts that contains miles of blue water, peaceful villages, storied history, and blissful nature retreats.

Created by a volcanic eruption an estimated 70,000 years ago, the modern result is breathtaking: a huge sea-like body of water, complete with an island (which has two more lakes), friendly locals, hot springs, hikes, and plenty of laid-back activities.

Don’t believe us? Check this out.

Like, is that even real? We want to be there.

Lake Toba has another amazing perk: it’s pretty cheap. With hotel rooms, food and drink, and activities at rock bottom prices, it’s a totally affordable place to jet off to. But the tourism board is trying to change the perception a little. With the support of European Union ambassadors, Indonesia is investing in making Lake Toba the “Monaco of Asia.” Though no specifics have been discussed publicly, Lake Toba becoming a chic, peaceful beach destination like Monaco sounds like a good idea.

Still, it looks pretty chic already to us.

The EU committee also detailed plans to team up with Indonesia for conservation around the region — for natural reserves, animals, and traditional weaving techniques. That’s all well and good, but let’s look at more pictures of Lake Toba, shall we?

Aaaaand time to pack our bags.

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