The US welcomed more international visitors in 2010


While the United States’ tourism industry continues to feel the effects of a global recession, some encouraging signs appeared in 2010 travel data recently released by the Commerce Department.


According to a report issued by the department's Office of Travel & Tourism Industries, the number of foreign tourists visiting the US increased 9 percent over 2009. Nearly 60 million foreign visitors created an impressive $1.34 trillion economic impact for the year.


According to the report, most of the visitors were from Canada and Mexico, followed by the United Kingdom, Japan, and Germany.


However, the US also experienced an influx of Asian and South American tourists. Visits from China and South Korea rose 53% and 49% percent respectively while the number of visitors from Brazil increased 34%.


New York City remained the top destination for international visitors, followed by Miami, Los Angeles, and Orlando.


Source: USA Today

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