New rules require better communication with passengers


In an attempt to treat airline passengers better, the federal government is getting involved to help. The Department of Transportation has issued a first of numerous sets of rules to help airline passengers with delays and filing complaints and much more.


Some of the new rules deal with tarmac delays.  If an aircraft is sitting on the tarmac for over three hours, passengers will have the right to exit the plane without a problem.  That only applies to domestic flights however.  International carriers have the right to set their time but must disclose it to travelers in advance.


Aside from the option to leave the plane, passengers must be able to use the facilities as well as indulge in any food and beverages should the mood strike them.  Medical attention must also be available to them as well.


The Transportation Department is requiring carriers to now communicate more effectively with its passengers about delayed flights before they even buy a plane ticket.  There are going to new processes in place for people to file complaints as well.


There are going to be more rules to come in June, rules that will continue to help better serve the passengers.



Source: The New York Times

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