Passengers stream through Indianapolis International Airport


Art supporters are up in arms over a decision by officials at Indianapolis International Airport to remove a three-story sculptural painting in order to make room for a video screen that will display advertisements.


The glass-and-canvas piece titled “Chrysalis” by James Wille Faust will be removed by the end of the month. The artwork has enjoyed a prominent location above the escalators in the main passenger terminal since it opened in 2008.


Instead of “Chrysalis”, passengers arriving on Indianapolis flights will soon be greeted by a large screen that will display advertisements as well as digital works of art, according to an airport spokesman.


Upon opening the terminal in 2008, airport officials highly touted its $4 million public art collection commissioned from 17 separate artists.


Source: Chicago Tribune

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  1. Michael H.

    A Traveler, we are aware that is not a picture of "Chrysalis." It is simply a stock photo of Passengers in the airport. Unfortunately no copyright-free pictures of the artwork were available to us at the time this story was published. If you have a picture of the work you would like to share with us, please feel free to e-mail us and we will credit the picture to your name. Happy travels!


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