August 15th is an important day in India; it’s Indian Independence Day. It’s a significant national holiday that commemorates the 1947 transfer of governance over the country from the United Kingdom to India — the end of over 200 years of British colonialism. It’s a day celebrated across the country, in every province, state, and territory. It’s a day that’s not just parades and flag ceremonies, but a proud celebration of India’s culture and its people. Indian Independence took decades of struggle and the sacrifice of many. Its impact is more than a celebration and its magnitude is almost beyond words.

As an organization proud of its roots and connections to India, we at CheapOair would like to take the time to reflect on and share the importance of Indian Independence Day by giving our colleagues the chance to describe what the holiday means to them.


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Here are a few other thoughts on this special day from our colleagues at our office in Pune, India:


“Ask not what your country can do for you! Freedom was gained by the blood that was given. Freedom in the mind, faith in the words, pride in our souls… Let’s Salute the Nation! Feel proud to be an Indian and celebrate India & its 72nd Independence Day.” – Sunny Bakshi


“Freedom for civilians is never free. A lot of men have sacrificed a lot to give us the blessing of freedom, we must respect it… value it… and most important, we should never misuse it.” – Suraj Shetty


“A true Indian cannot judge by his/her religion, cast or creed, if we are a true Indian, we should never forget the sacrifices of our forefathers. Be proud to say you are Indian, as this freedom we got came at a high price to all of us.” – Rajvinder Singh


When my brothers give up violence & hate,
When my sisters are safe even when late,
When all are allowed to select their mate,
When education & not caste determines my fate,

This, to me, is TRUE INDEPENDENCE !!!! – Vishtaad Udwadia


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And if you’d like to express your own thoughts and feelings on Indian Independence Day, please do so in the comments section below.

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