Disney World generates big business in Florida


An impact study commissioned by Walt Disney World found that the park and its related businesses generate an astounding $18.2 billion in economic activity each year in the state.


The report also claimed that the company generates 1 out of every 50 jobs in Florida each year.


Disney recently released a two-page summary of the full report which closely examined data from Disney’s 2009 fiscal year. The summary states that the company paid out nearly $1.8 billion to 59,000 state workers in 2009.


The numbers are very impressive considering that the company hasn’t built a new park in the state since it launched Animal Kingdom in 1998.


Officials say that future growth will be driven by the construction of hotels featuring “family suites” which can sleep up to six people. Disney hopes the affordable suites will allow families to extend their stays with more budget-friendly lodging options.   


Source: Orlando Sentinal

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