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iExit: A Travel App for Foodies on the Road, Flickr: Will Weaver

Know Everything Your Exit Offers!


You are taking a road trip or you flew into your destination and rented a car, and now you need to find a restaurant or a gas station.

If you are driving along a major highway, an updated iPhone ($1.99) and Android app (free for a limited time) from iExit may come in useful.

The app enables you to select your favorite restaurant chains, hotels and gas stations at exits along your route so you can figure out the best place to get off the roadway.

Instead of speeding past the exits while you are trying to read the road signs or nearby billboards, iExit details the amenities at upcoming exits and enables you to take advantage of available services.

You can search for everything from fast food restaurants to campgrounds and shopping venues along the way.

The app works with smartphones that have GPS capabilities so it can detect your location, and on iPhones is compatible with iOS 4 and higher.

There have been some glitches from time to time in exit numbers, but the latest update to the app fixed some exit numbers on I-93 in New Hampshire, says iExit developer, Metrocket.

The app is customizable and enables you to select your preferred chains, helping you to locate them at upcoming highway exits.

iExit also gets into the deals space. It has a Deals tab so if you are bargain-hunting or very cost-conscious you can locate which businesses at local exits are currently running promotions.

Metrocket says it continuously updates its database to keep the points-of- interest current.


Photo: will weaver

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