Volcano erupts again in Iceland


Just days after Iceland stated that a volcano which erupted last month was finally cooling off, locals were evacuated due to it “waking up” yet again.


Due to ash from the volcano in the air, Iceland banned flights from flying over sections of the United Kingdom and hald of Norway.


NATS, which is the U.K. air traffic control provider, stated early Thursday morning that flights would also be restrictedin northern Scotland and more areas could be added if the ash moves south.


Since March 20, Iceland has had a series of volcanic eruptions occur underneath the Eyjafjallajokull glacier. The coverage of the volcano has actually helped boost tourism to Iceland.


Update:  London’s Heathrow and Stansted airports were closed Thursday at 1100 a.m. GMT/7 a.m. EDT and did not specify when they would resume operations. Gatwick also planned to close sometime today and Ireland is stopping flights until 6pm local time. The AP reports that “with the major trans-Atlantic hub at Heathrow closed,
dozens of flights to the United States were on hold, and cancelations
spread across the continent to major hubs at Brussels,Amsterdam, Geneva
and Paris, where flights heading north were canceled until midnight.”


Source: Associated Press

Image: EPA


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