Iceland's ash cloud causes travel havoc


There is good news and bad news out of Iceland. The good news is that the ash cloud, which has caused insanely chaotic air travel issues, has lowered to about 1.2 miles above ground. The bad news is that Eyjafjallajokul continues to have tremors as of Monday and millions of people are still stranded around the world.


Urdur Gudmundsdottir, a spokeswoman at the foreign ministry told Reuters, "The situation is definitely better than it was
particularly on Saturday, which was a difficult day for us due to heavy
ash fall just south of the volcano."


A plane is being flown over the volcano today to check for lava, which actually is a good sign since it would mean less ash clouds in the sky and that Eyjafjallajokul is entering a less volatile stage.


The ash clouds have cost the airline industry an estimated $200 million a day and European air traffic is still a mess as of Monday.


Source: Reuters

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