Icelandic ash cloud's wrath is not over just yet


It's baaack. That's right the ash cloud that caused travel havoc throughout Europe and around the globe, stranding millions and costing airlines billions, looks to be making an encore. The Irish Aviation Authority said it might have to enact a no fly zone over the Emerald Isle Tuesday due to the volcanic ash cloud moving south.


So far Irish airlines like Aer Arann have canceled flights to and from Derry, Donegal and the capital city of Dublin. Flights originating from Irish and Northern Irish airports may be affected, however flights from the UK and Europe are not expected to be impacted on


Information compiled by the Volcanic Ash Advice Centre (VAAC) caused the IAA to make the move to cancel flights. It was just last month that a six-day shutdown over European airspace forced airlines to be grounded, with the industry claiming to have lost nearly $3 billion.


Source: BBC News

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