The Wave of the Future

It appears that people’s protests with the intrusive TSA searches haven’t fallen on deaf ears.  

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) recently showcased a design for a five-second security checkpoint named, Checkpoint of the Future. It’s being looked at by delegates at the Association’s 67th Annual General Meeting and World Air Transport Summit in Singapore.

According to the report by Breaking Travel News, the Checkpoint of the Future will able to use new technology that will be able to not only pinpoint bad objects but bad people too.

The mock-up indicates the checkpoint will have three lanes: ‘Known Traveler,’ ‘Normal’ and ‘Enhanced Security.’

The lane you’ll be directed to will be based on a biometric identifier in your passport or other travel documents.

The ‘Known Travelers’ lane will be for those who’ve register with government authorities and have a completed background check.

‘Normal’ lanes will be for most travelers, while ‘Enhanced Security’ lanes will be for those randomly selected due to be deemed a risk.

Huge changes are expected within three years.

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