Hurricane Alex coming to Gulf Coast


With Tropical Storm Alex gaining strength Monday in the Gulf Coast, it appears that the hurricane off the coast of southern Texas and northern Mexico could become a Category 3 hurricane by later in the week.  Making matters worse, forecasters believe the storm’s path could push oil farther inland.


With winds of up to 60 mph, Alex could blast through the Gulf of Mexico by Thursday according to a report by the National Hurricane Center. An Associated Press report says the hurricane could wind up with winds of 120 mph by midweek.


The eye of the storm is not expected to reach the area affected by the oil spill off the Louisiana coast. But the storm could assist in pushing more oil farther inland and cause more issues in the cleanup process.


Officials have been concerned with how hurricane season would affect the the Gulf Coast since the Deepwater Horizon oil rig exploded on April 20.


BP has placed a cap over the underwater well, which has helped direct some oil to a ship where it is being collected or burned. The oil company is drilling two relief well that they hope will stop the leak by August.



Source: Associated Press

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