How You Can Celebrate the End of the World in Cancun

Celebrate in Cancun!


I don’t know about you, but I’m certainly not inclined to think that 2012 will be the end of the world. But this doesn’t stop places like Cancun from celebrating this milestone date with festivities and what not. But to be precise, the ancient Mayans did not really say December 21st would mean a total collapse of civilization; rather, they said it would herald the end of one era and the beginning of a new age.

The idea behind these events in Cancun is to invite guests and locals to think differently about the evolution of humanity. There’s obviously more to sun and beaches —at least until December 21st anyway. Here’s how you can learn more about the end of the world from the culture that knows it best:

Experience local culture

•    Xcaret is opening the doors to visitors from October 30 to November 2 to learn more about Mayan history through the markedly important, Day of the Dead. This is an interactive experience whereby visitors can personally experience local traditions and cultures. There’s also a nightly show people can view, called Xcaret Mexico Espectacular, between December 1 and 21st.
•    Macaws were very significant in Mayan culture (they represent the sun), visitors can watch the freeing of 104 macaws on December 21 and 22nd.
•    The four cosmic directions that the Maya had are represented by four different colored trees. These trees were ways the ancients communicated with the Gods, and visitors can re-enact this tradition by sending messages to the Gods through these trees.
•    The Maya had four cosmic directions represented by four different colored trees. The sacred trees were believed to be a way to communicate directly with the Gods. From December 1 to 22, guests are invited to re-enact this tradition by sending their messages to the Gods using the sacred trees.

Get Zen

•    There are monthly yoga and meditation sessions at Xel-ha, an ecological park, which has the largest natural aquarium in the world with its lagoon jutting into the Caribbean Sea.  The park will also host candlelight ceremonies on December 20 and 22 for guests, with a sea of floating candles. A nightly dinner party from December 17-22 will be hosted for guests who want to learn about the sky from local astronomers who will explain the Mayan astronomical predictions.

Positive Thinking& Mysticism

•    Visitors are encouraged to bring recycled bottles of water filled with handwritten well-wishes for the Pyramid of Positive Thoughts, which is being constructed by artist, Xavier de Maria y Campos, to pay tribute to the Mayans’ legacy and precision regarding the energy of their calendar.
•    Travel between stalactites and stalagmite dripstones to become part of a mystical journey.

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