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How to travel with your pet.

Tips on how to travel wisely with your furry friend


You’re about to plan the perfect getaway when it hits you, who will watch over your pet while you’re away. If you can not afford a pet sitter or cant get someone to check on your pooch or kitty for a few days, why not just bring them along. Taking a vacation with your pet doesn’t have to be a stressful task.

By giving yourself enough time, you can definitely pull off a pet-friendly trip that both you and your four-legged friend will get to enjoy together. Here are a few tips to help you plan your next trip with man’s best friend.

Check-up before Check-in: Just like many of us do when planning a vacation, it is wise to bring your pet in for a little doctor’s visit before flying. If you’re traveling outside the country, ask your vet for a health certificate dated within 10 days of departure as certain countries have certain rules as it applies to animal arrivals.

Properly I.D. Your Pet: No one wants to lose a pet en route to their final destination. But if that does occur, a way to reunite you and your animal in a timely manner, implant a microchip and secure an identification tag that includes the pet’s name and its arrival and departure information.

Pet-friendly Hotels: Many hotels around the world now are becoming pet-friendly, with even a few creating packages specifically designed with your little furry creature in mind. Hotels have been known to provide feeding bowls, milk bones and even wee-wee pads for customers. When planning your hotel search, check their website to see if they allow animals, if they do, call the property to inquire about any pet-friendly specials available.

Flying with Fido: Similarly to traveling with a baby, bringing along a pet can be a little bit of a hassle when arriving at the airport. For starters, find out what the airline’s policy is with boarding pets. Give yourself plenty of time to get the dog or cat situated when boarding the plane. If you are taking a long flight (i.e. international or cross country) and have a long layover, try to see if the airline will allow you to hang out with your pet during the wait. If at all possible always try to fly direct with your pet.

Crate Comprehension:  If you are unsure what kind of crate your animal will be flying in with your airline, purchase a USDA-approved shipping crate large enough for your animal to sleep, sit up and move around. Label the crate with “Live Animal” and secure a picture of your pet in case he or she gets lost along the way. Line the crate with something soft for maximum comfort and never place a lock on the crate as personnel may need to open it in case of an emergency.

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