Whether you’re traveling to a destination that’s known for its wine you’re simply touring a new city, you could find yourself falling in love with a bottle of wine. And, maybe you’ll even want to bring a few of them home with you. But, wine can be difficult to transport. The bottles aren’t small, and they’re a bit heavy. To make matters worse, they’re breakable. The worst-case scenario, of course, is a broken bottle of wine that absolutely drenches (and possibly ruins) everything in your luggage. The point is, it can be a bit of a hassle, but so, so worth it! With a little bit of knowledge and prep before your trip, you can enjoy your newest bottle of wine without breaking too much of a sweat (or having to break into the bottle a bit earlier than planned). First, check out some of our tips for how to travel with wine.

Research the Rules

How to Travel With Wine Through Security

Before you find flight deals to Napa or Tuscany, you first need to understand the TSA rules for flying with alcohol. No alcohol above 70% by volume (140 proof) is allowed, even in checked baggage. You can bring alcoholic beverages through security and on the plane with you, but only if they’re in unopened mini-bottles that can “comfortably fit into a single quart-sized bag” and don’t exceed the amount of liquid allowed per passenger. Everything else has to go in your checked luggage.

​You can’t have more than 5 liters (1.3 gallons) per passenger of any alcoholic beverages that are less than 70% alcohol by volume. They also have to be unopened and in “retail packaging.” But most wine is less than 24% alcohol by volume, which according to the TSA website is “not subject to limitations in checked bags.” So, if you’re flying back with any wine, be sure to know how much alcohol it contains and stick to the above rules.

Pack Correctly

How to Travel With Wine

If you want to fly with a regular bottle of wine, which is larger than the 3-1/2 ounce or 100-ml, TSA-allowable size, then you need to put that in your checked bag. If it’s not already packaged in a factory-sealed container, wrap it carefully with solid tape to avoid breakage and pack it in several layers of bubble wrap. There’s a limit of five liters per bottle in your checked bag, which is a little under seven bottles in an average case.

Use a Wine Bottle Travel Protector, Bottle Guard, or Wine Tote

How to Travel in Wine With Wine Tote
Even if you’re packing your wine in your checked luggage, there are extra steps you can take to ensure it doesn’t break and spill all over your clothes. If you normally bring back a bottle or two when you travel, you might want to buy a travel protector, a bottle guard, or a wine tote bag to hold your wine even when it’s packed tight in your suitcase.

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Invest in a Wine Suitcase

How to Travel With Wine in LuggageFlying with wine is nothing to be concerned about it’s just a couple of bottles, but if you’re a die-hard oenophile who flies with a lot of wine, then you should probably buy a wine suitcase. It’s a specialty piece of luggage designed to carry the maximum amount of wine bottles you can bring when you fly, with lots of padding and design features to keep it all secure and intact. It’s also a good idea to label the suitcase as “WINE” so that those who are loading and unloading it from the plane will know it’s fragile.

Remember That You Can Ship Wine

How to Travel With Wine by Shipping
If you have too much luggage to squeeze in a bottle of wine, shipping is another option for you to consider. But, keep in mind that sometimes the cost to ship wine can actually be more expensive than the bottle itself. But if you’re buying a large quantity from a single winery, be sure to ask if they can ship it for you. They may have deals for a reduced rate! Plus, they’ll undoubtedly do a better job packing it.

Ask Questions

If all else fails, get some advice from the wine shop. They’ll probably have ideas that haven’t occurred to you … and you probably aren’t the first person to ask.

So, are you confident that you know how to travel with wine? Let us know in the comments below!

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