Find a New Perspective in your Holiday Pictures. Photo credit: Panono

You know how you take photographs of your vacation and then promptly forget what they’re even about. They pile on top of themselves in the dark recesses of your cell phone, waiting to be gushed over. If megabytes could get dusty, those would.

By the time you pull them out again, you don’t even know where they came from. They’re snaps of your boyfriend’s brother’s face with a tiny, barely recognizable Eiffel Tower spire poking through in the background. But that’s all about to change.

This device goes beyond the traditional camera – 360 degrees beyond to be exact. Photographers toss the ball-shaped Panono camera and at its heighest hight, it snaps a fully spherical picture.

The camera uses a sensitive accelerometer that figures out when the ball reaches its apex and the half-second when the ball is motionless. 36 fixed-focus cameras fire off and take a 72 megapixel, high-resolution image from every angle. Just remember to look up and say cheese.

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(H/t: designboom

Photocredit: Panono


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