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When you’re in a relatively new relationship and everything is going swimmingly, you might start to fantasize about all the fun activities you can do as a couple. You might even decide that a getaway is in order — a chance for you two to soak up the sun and spend some quality time together. So, what could go wrong? Unfortunately, if you’ve ever been on a disastrous couples trip, you know a lot can go south quite easily!

If you want to make sure your first vacation with your boo is nothing but blissful, you might want to use these tips during the planning stages.

Agree on a Budget

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The last thing you want is to feel anxious about your finances or argue over money during this time. It may not be the most appealing topic to broach, but it’s important that you discuss what you’re able to spend before you go overboard with your plans. Set a budget that you’re both comfortable with before you do anything else. Remember to factor in the cost of airline flights, accommodations, attractions, and even what you’ll need to buy to prepare for the trip itself. You don’t necessarily need to split all costs evenly, but whatever you decide shouldn’t feel like an unnecessary splurge to either one of you.

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Choose Your Destination Wisely

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Keep in mind that where you go may actually matter a lot. Flying internationally may sound like a grand adventure, but it might be a stressful choice for your very first trip together. You may want to opt for something a bit more low-key the first time around, like a beach resort or a camping trip. If both of you are comfortable on long flights, you don’t necessarily have to stick close to home — but you may want to try to score some cheap tickets to a new city or a coastal destination. Make sure each one of you feels good about the location you choose and that you address any concerns before you book.

Keep It Short and Sweet

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You might be inclined to consider a week-long getaway so you can escape from reality with your sweetheart. But that plan could backfire in a nascent relationship. Even under the best of circumstances, traveling on airline flights and navigating a strange place can be extremely stressful. Limit your vacation to three or four days. This will allow you to really enjoy yourselves and each other, and will leave you wanting more.

Plan Activities Together

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Planning a vacation actually provides just as many benefits as the vacation itself. That means you may want to start planning as soon as possible and relish in making these plans together. This will also give you an opportunity to ensure your trip has a good mix of activities that will interest each one of you. Talk about which attractions or activities you want to prioritize and make a basic itinerary (and reservations, if need be) that includes the best of the best. That way, neither of you will feel slighted and you’ll get to partake in what makes each of you the happiest.

Try to Be Flexible

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Although it’s good to plan out a schedule, try not to feel restricted by your itinerary. There may be some parts you can’t change, like your airline flights and dinner reservations. But leave yourself some wiggle room to be spontaneous and go with the flow. This can cut down on stress, particularly if you’re traveling somewhere that’s new to both of you. Dealing with sky-high anxiety levels during a vacation won’t provide the rest and relaxation you’re after. Remember why you decided to book the vacation in the first place and try to let loose now and then.


Your first vacation as a couple should be memorable — for all the right reasons. If you follow these tips, you should have a great time on your trip and can rest assured it’ll be the first of many to come.

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